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Thrust Washer

Sr.No Material    Alloy Grade Nominal % Properties
Copper-Lead      (Bronze) SAE-792  
copper-Lead -Tin
80%- 10%- 10%
Excellent Physical
Resistant to pounding& shock high load carrying
Capacity,good wear resistance
  Applications :- C.R. bush ,piston pin bush steering, Track Roller, rock shaft, Axle Bushes, High Impact Thrust Washers Hard and Ground Shaft / Pin .
Copper-Lead      (Bronze) SAE-799 
copper-Lead -Tin       
contains good fiction
Embeddability compatibility With medium load capacity accept Higher surface speed and load.

Applications :-Required Heavy duty Can Shaft, Thrust Washer Automatic Transmission
                      Hydraulic Pump gear changers.

Steel Back Materials SAE-1006 To 1010

Normal for all Bushing Bearing, Thrust Washer


Salient Features of our Product

  1. We always maintain strict physical and chemical properties of our each product.
  2. We always maintain all dimensional parameters strictly within specified limit and

Follow on line stage inspection systems.
All above are the good features which make our product better in all respect.

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